Photofairground takes over Remo’s social media management


I thought it should be for the best if I introduced myself. I’m Matt and I’m taking over the social media management and online presence of Remo’s Café for the foreseeable future. I’m the one who built the website and I’ll be doing the Lion’s share of the social media interaction.

I’ve known Remo for around 3-4 years and in that time we’ve built a solid friendship. I have a photography business called photofairground and I also work as a freelance writer which puts me in a perfect position to write the occasional blog post, add some photographs and get to know you on Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor. The Instagram account will still be handled in house so that they can update you on what is going on immediately.

If you have any questions about what I do or if you’d simply like to say hi, feel free to email me at, contact me on Facebook, Twitter or double tap some of my InstaG’s by looking for @photofairground.

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